We had a wonderful time and would recommend Uniworld to anyone and everyone! 


It is a first class company that provides a terrific experience for each of its passengers.  The staff is also first class and really attends to everyone's needs.  The ship's interiors -- both public and private -- are exceptional.  The food was  fresh and delicious and the presentation was beautiful.  Everyone on staff was attentive and welcoming.  The onboard lounge was lovely and comfortable.  There were 'coffee table' books scattered around on all kinds of subjects.  Fun to look through.  If you go out the door from the lounge at the front of the ship you can sit at the bow of the boat.  There's only room for a few people but it's a treat to be right at the very front.  At the beginning of our trip the Rhine was so high the ship couldn't get under the bridge just before Basel.  We were notified of this fact before we left home so we were prepared.  We, and several other passengers, were taken to a little restaurant and were told to order whatever we wanted while waiting for a (luxurious) bus to take us to what would have been our first stop up the river.  They took our luggage to the ship for us as well.  The bus ride was comfortable and informative as well.  Our guide was the ship's Social Director who was very pregnant but full of energy.  Whew!  She took care of all of us and everything pertaining to passengers during the whole cruise.  I could easily go on and on with kudos for Uniworld.  They also provide WiFi. 


The tours were very good and were also the best we've ever experienced.  There were several tour guides for each tour.  Each tour guide wore a radio receiver and each passenger in each group had a batterypack and a headset so all of us could hear what was being said.  We were split into several groups so each group was manageable and aware of all the history presented. 



We hope you had a wonderful Christmas.  Thanks again for taking care of us.


Jo-Ann Staffa



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